Saturday, 11 October 2014

Bad Landing


                                         'He travels the fastest that travels alone'
                                                                                           ~ Rudyard Kipling


                           It wasn't how I imagined Oz.

Within minutes I had my hands tied behind my back and was hurtling along the yellow brick road by my ankles. I had a sack over my head and something very unpleasant in my mouth.

Bloody house.

It had all gone so well. My work transfer to Kansas, the house, the Toto lookalike. And the tornado came just like it said on the weather reports.

But then the house let me down and now there's only one place I'm going.


Fucking house landed right on top of Dorothy didn't it? Killed her outright.

                                        Albert Atherton

Written for the Light & Shade Challenge. Why not join in? It's fun.

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